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Yes! If you’re in the market for a new vehicle in St. Paul or Minneapolis, and have vehicle you’d like to or need to sell… one of the first, and important things you’ll want to do is, figure out the value of the vehicle you’re wanting to sell.

Whether you plan to use it as a trade-in or sell it outright for cash, you need to know what it is worth. And we make it fast and easy here at Shakopee Chevrolet with our market value partner, TradePending.

With Tradepending, you can find out how much your vehicle is worth from the comfort of home and it takes just a few minutes to enter the specifics of your model and find out the value.

How Tradepending calculates the value of your vehicle.
The value of a vehicle is based on certain details, such as the year, make and model, mileage and the condition of the vehicle. Influencing outside factors are also important, such as the market level of demand and history of the model’s popularity.

A vehicles value can fluctuate based on changing demand for those models.

Local Supply – what is the local market supply?
Local Market Demand – how popular is your car?
Estimated Value – what does the market say your car is worth?

A model may also have more demand in one region of the country or state, than in another. The estimated working value for your model is valid for seven days, during which time you can come to Shakopee Chevrolet, work out the details with one of our professional automotive specialists, then trade it in and or take cash for the vehicle.

What’s Next After the Value?
Once you have input your information on the next page and received your valuation, you bring it with you and your vehicle to Shakopee Chevrolet within seven days. Together, we’ll inspect your vehicle to ensure it matches the information that was received online. If any information is different from what was given online, the offer may change to reflect the new status. Not every make and model will qualify for an offer, depending on demand for that model. However, a vehicle doesn’t have to be in mint condition to qualify for the offer.

When your cash offer is verified, you must redeem it within one day or it may change. You cannot drive more than 50 miles after the inspection or the offer may also change. The considered vehicles minimum nominal street value, or book value will be no less than $3,000

How to complete your offer

Visit Shakopee Chevrolet with your vehicle to redeem your offer with the $1,000 bonus cash certificate that was emailed to you when you started this process as well as the title and registration for the vehicle. Bring your driver’s license or another photo ID and the keys. Include any owner’s manuals that you have and clean out the vehicle before you come in. We’ll give you a check for the offer. You can use that money as a down payment on another vehicle or take it as cash for other needs.

Let Shakopee Chevrolet assist you in trading in your current vehicle for a newer one. Start by valuing your trade online and then come in for this limited offer.

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